Canwinex is a beer & wine trading company established to offer a great portfolio of craft beers and fine wines from all over the world. We focus on exporting wine and beer produced on Canadian West coast in British Columbia province, as well as bringing the world best craft beers to British Columbia.
You may contact us for any questions or request price list and availability.

Craft beer

British Columbia offers a great variety of artisanal premium beers. Dozens independent breweries located in Vancouver, Lower Mainland and around the province are producing some of the best beers in the world.

Craft beer is rapidly evolving market not only in British Columbia, but also in other parts of the Canada, as well as United States, Mexico, and other countries. We want to let everyone have an opportunity to taste the variety of excellent craft beers made in different parts of world.

Traditional recipes, sustainable approaches and excellent taste are pillars of local production. Craft brewing is a vibrant segment of British Columbia economy.

Canwinex carries a selection of beers made by local craftsmen. Please contact us for the exact list, availability and export prices.

Every wine is special. It has its own taste, character and history. It's about sun, wind, rain and soil. It's about the slope grapes grew at, lake laying nearby, people who cared for vines and who crafted a wine. The art of making wine has being been mastered for years, and yet every year brings a new nuances into the taste.

British Columbia has a thriving wine industry. There are more than two hundred wineries here, there is a vast diversity of soils and climates across the province, which makes it possible to grow more than seventy grape varieties and produce numerous styles of wines. Talented winemakers from around the globe come here to create unique vintages of wines not found anywhere else.

British Columbia is also well known for its focus on environmental-friendly living, and many vineyards are practicing sustainable and organic grape growing. British Columbian wineries won thousands of medals in national and international competitions, proving the place amongst the best wineries in the world.

Fine wines


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